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Solution-focused devil's advocate with a knack for revolution. Cybersecurity is my passion, and curiosity is my superpower. Check the About Me page to know more.

Hack The Box – Blue writeup

HTB Blue writeup
This box is very easy, ideal for whoever is starting with hacking. This is a walkthrough and my personal experience with the HTB – Blue box. I’m gonna show how I have scanned and enumerated the system, what I have…

MetasploitCTF 2020 – Writeups

Recently I’ve been looking into Metasploit and HackTheBox (soon I will publish some write-ups of the boxes I’ve owned) and I was getting some experience in pentesting machines. So I’ve came across this CTF a few days before it started,…

Def Con 2020 CTFs writeups

defcon redvillage logo ctf
My first DEF CON and the second time I did CTFs and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Originally I had planned to do the Blue Village (Open SEC) but then I changed my mind. I wanted…